Three Steps To Scale Your Virtual Sales Team

Libby Rothschild, CEO of Dietitian Boss. Follow on LinkedIn

Owning and operating a small business, including a private dietitian practice, is no small feat, and any growth you see from your business or practice is a stepping stone to success. However, your increase in revenue will eventually require you to scale your virtual sales team to adequately accommodate the new growth.

Scaling your virtual sales team may seem intimidating, but the excitement of a growing business can help motivate you while you begin implementing new and better business practices. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Have open communication channels.

The first step in evolving your sales team is to take a good look at the processes your business is already using. Your current sales strategy will help you identify the areas that may need the most attention.

By taking stock of your goals and practices, you can decide what needs to be adjusted, what new practices can be put into place and which processes should be thrown out altogether. Also, communication with your sales team is critical since their understanding of your goals and practices is the first step in a new sales strategy.

Creating and maintaining open lines of communication with your virtual sales team will keep every member of the team up to date and productive. If you have a small sales team, you can meet with them one on one for daily or weekly discussions on their progress and how they are implementing the scale practices. If your virtual sales team is more extensive, or if they are working remotely, online communication tools is an option for these types of meetings.

Open lines of communication with your sales team keep them informed of data, practices and goals, but it allows your employees to update you on their accomplishments, ask you questions or seek assistance if they need it.

Set measurable metrics.

As your business continues to grow and you move forward with your scale process, managing and communicating your expectations to your sales team becomes even more critical. Tracking and forecasting are essential tools for sales managers and should be utilized. Monitoring your sales team’s data can show you how well your scale processes are being implemented and if your team is meeting expectations.

Investing in a customer relationship management system (CRM) can help you reach your scale goals more quickly through team efficiency and transparency. A CRM is a process that takes data like contacts and organizes them into categories that your entire team can access. CRM is an ideal tool to organize email subscribers, sales leads and opportunities, employees and client profiles.

Another plus of implementing a CRM into your scale is that it allows your team to update you and the system about their day or week’s accomplishments. This lessens your load in monitoring your sales team’s progress.

Develop a clear and repeatable sales process.

A vital element of any scale is developing and refining your clear and repeatable sales process. A sales process that is well-conceived and correctly implemented can better enable your virtual sales team to succeed.

Your team can follow the instructions laid out within your sales process and know exactly what they are expected to do and when they are expected to do it. As you monitor your business’ sales cycle, you can create a rubric of success for your virtual sales team to follow. A solid sales process will generate revenue while tracking sales cycle patterns.

Typical sales processes often include the following:

• Seeking prospects.

• Qualifying prospects.

• Making customer contact.

• Presenting to the customer.

• Closing the sale.

• Customer retention.

Once your sales process is honed, your employees will be able to understand and repeat your sales formula as a team. With every team member working toward the same goal, in the same successful way, the growth of your company and a rise in revenue can be expected.

Along with CRM, the sales process can also help you track your team’s overall process. With your entire virtual sales team implementing the same deal-closing tactics, it becomes simpler to identify when a team member is falling short and may need assistance.

Final Thoughts

Growth is a good thing in any business, but your business model must adapt to accommodate that growth. If you are seeing exciting new growth in your business and revenue, now is the time to start the scale of your company.

Implementing new sales processes will give your virtual sales team the information and tools they need to repeat your sales success. With an efficient team that can work together in putting your sales process into action, your company’s scale will surely be a success.

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