The Business of Broadway Announces Upcoming Lineup of Classes

The Business of Broadway Announces Upcoming Lineup of Classes

The Business of Broadway has announced a new slate of courses set for the coming months.

The Business of Broadway’s goal is to pull back the curtain and democratize the business knowledge that has so often been withheld and therefore perpetuated a hierarchical system with producers situated at the top.

By empowering you with deeper insight into how the artistry and economics interplay, our aim is not only to lay the groundwork for more effective and nonhierarchical future collaborations, but also allow you to urgently challenge the ways in which the business has historically operated and consider how we can build a more equitable, inclusive industry model that serves everyone.

All classes will be taught virtually with the exception of select Producing 101 classes.

NOTE: Producing 101 is not a required pre-requisite for our 200 level courses, but it offers a valuable foundation.

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The goal of this course is to demystify the process of creating and producing a Broadway show, and to offer artists insight into the world of theatrical producing at large. In 2 hours we examine how a show is produced, exploring the timeline of a show’s creative development from ideation to production as well as the underlying business model that fuels that process.

Mar 9 @ 6:30pm ET on zoom

Apr 11 @ 6:30pm ET in person

May 4 @ 6:30pm ET on zoom

Jun 14 @ 6:30pm ET in person


Investigate how a new theatrical work is developed and discuss the role of the producer in the creative process, including but not limited to: hiring generative artists, offering dramaturgical feedback, determining whether a nonprofit or commercial development pathway is right for your show, and crafting artistic benchmarks for the development timeline.

Apr 27 @ 6:30pm ET

Jun 22 @ 6:30pm ET

Producing 202: UNIONS & GUILDS

Theatre unions and guilds: who are they, who do they represent, and what is their role? In this 2 hour course, we examine the function of labor unions in the theatrical ecosystem, discuss the complex and historic relationship between labor and management with a nod towards the current national context, and provide an overview of what to expect when negotiating a collective bargaining agreement.

Apr 7 @ 6:30pm ET


A class focused on the stacks of paperwork that dictate commercial theater business operations, including the Operating Agreement, Co-Producer Agreements, and Subscription Documents, (oh my!).

In this course, we’ll review the documents you receive as a prospective investor in an effort to better understand each one’s purpose through the lens of a producer. What do they mean? What success and/or risk factors does a savvy investor look for? And what does the process of transacting an investment actually look like in practice?

This class assumes fluency with the foundational concepts of Producing 101. It is recommended that you take Producing 101 first if you are not already familiar with these terms.

Mar 23 @ 6:30pm ET

May 9 @ 6:30pm ET


Social media is one of the best marketing tools we have today for connecting with and inspiring audiences. This course is designed to help producers and artists better understand the foundational tenets, potential pitfalls and best practices involved in designing your own social media strategy and maximizing impact, whether for yourself and/or for your productions.

Mar 16 @ 6:30pm ET

May 18 @ 6:30pm ET


A deep dive into the type of deals made between commercial producers and non-profit institutions when they agree to partner on a production, “enhanced” by commercial support.

Check back for future session dates.


What is a royalty pool, when do you decide to implement it, and how does it impact a show’s ability to run?

Check back for future session dates.


What does it look like to produce theatre when theaters are closed?! The shutdown has compelled artists to take to the internet in order to create and share theatrical content, innovating how we think about our art form. We will share our collective experience as Producers of “Saturday Night Seder,” “Broadway Does Mother’s Day,” and “Broadway on Demand Celebrates the Tonys” to illuminate the process of producing theatrical content from home for digital consumption.

Check back for future session dates.

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