Akin Jimoh: 00:10 Welcome to Science in Africa, a Nature Careers podcast series. I am Akin Jimoh, chief editor of Nature Africa. I work and live in Lagos and I’m passionate about promoting science and public health journalism in my native Nigeria and across Africa. In this series, we explore […]

Research leaders often seek to open up areas of research for further generations of scientists.Credit: Getty Researchers have many ways to establish a legacy, including technical innovation, commercialization and changes to scientific culture. All of these approaches require input from talented people who can generate ideas and execute them. Here, […]

Smartphone apps are often designed to be addictive.Credit: Getty In early 2021, I hit a rut in my studies. As a doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago in Illinois, I work at the interface of polymer chemistry and immunology, using synthetic strategies to design safer, more effective materials for […]