Nine Great Tools For Building Viral Marketing Campaigns

Every marketer hopes their latest campaign will go viral. Without any surefire way to ensure that happens, however, they must employ unique strategies to build hype around their campaign and get more people interested and paying attention to their messaging.

In 2022, a plethora of tools exist that marketers can use to increase the chances of their campaigns going viral. The key is to utilize the right resources to boost reach and engagement and encourage social sharing. Here, members of Forbes Agency Council share the best tools they know of for building viral campaigns.

1. Get The First Boost From Influencers

Dig into your fan base and find your true, natural ambassadors. Make them part of your strategic plan. Partner with your always-on influencers to get the first boost. When planning your campaign, keep in mind that the velocity of content spread will be one of the most powerful tools to get that algorithm working for you. – Aurelie Sauthier, Made in

2. Leverage The Right Concept

The best way to build a viral campaign is to leverage the right concept within a strategy. Partner with clients to create new experiences and memorable moments, following current content trends and using real customers mixed with recognizable creators from each social platform. – Greg Carney, Freedom United Social

3. Make Breakthrough Creative A Key Ingredient

Anyone with dollars can buy eyeballs, but virality is a blend of art, science and luck. There are no guarantees for achieving virality, but one important ingredient is breakthrough creative. The campaigns that “go viral” have materials that entertain and are unexpected, shareable and clutter-breaking. Consider the audience you’re trying to reach, let creative people have fun and tell a great story! – Marc Becker, The Tangent Agency

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4. Use A Little Humor

Using humor is a great tool to help build viral campaigns. People are stressed out and tired from the pandemic. Using a little humor in your ads will get people laughing—and sharing! Ryan Reynolds has mastered this with his new advertising agency. Humor gets it done. – Dennis Cook

5. Combine Unique Hashtags And Trending Content

Hashtags are a key part of any viral campaigns. Making sure you have a good combination of unique tags and whatever is trending in niche areas that relate to your content can help propel your content further than ever before. Depending on the platform you are using, look into which hashtags will fit well with your campaign and what other tags you can harness. – Lisa Montenegro, Digital Marketing Experts – DMX Marketing

6. Run Campaign Ideas By Your CAB

Run your campaign ideas or options by your customer advisory board before going live with the campaign. Your CAB can not only provide feedback from your customers’ perspective but also offer another set of eyes to consider your message and uncover any previously undiscovered (or unintentional) interpretations. They can suggest tweaks or alternatives that might save the day. – Eyal Danon, Ignite Advisory Group

7. Design Giveaway Contests

Woorise has a wide range of templates and customization options for designing giveaway contests. The best part is that it lets users know if they have won a contest immediately after participating. This encourages them to make a purchase right then and there. So it not only helps in making your campaign go viral but also reduces the time lag between user interaction and sales. – Ajay Prasad, GMR Web Team

8. Create Powerful Infographics

The simplicity of infographics is often overlooked. A powerful visualization of data in a graphic format can create a viral spread of the message and result in a lot of referral traffic, as well as additional backlinks to your site if you are the creator of the graphic. There are many fantastic software tools today that can assist in the rapid creation of impressive infographics at scale. – Zamir Javer, Jumpfactor

9. Create Content Around Popular Headlines 

Check to see what’s trending in your niche and build something unique around it. Creating content around popular headlines on the Web will help you remain relevant at all times. Remember that a campaign can only go viral if it makes sense to the people you are targeting. Therefore, don’t focus so much on the tools, but rather strive to be relevant at all times. – Candice Georgiadis, Digital Agency, Inc