How to find the Best Advertising Agency in 9 Easy Steps

How to find the Best Advertising Agency in 9 Easy Steps
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Are you looking for an advertising agency that will help your project succeed and generate leads?

Before getting lost in a sea full of agencies, mark your checklist with 9 essential points to assess any advertising agency:


Consider how long has the company been in the market, because the longer it has been the better it will be at understanding your needs. The company’s experience will be reflected in its knowledge, how it finds creative solutions, and how it will help you with finding connections and increasing the awareness of your brand.

2-Similar Industries

It’s a no-brainer. If a company has worked with similar industries, their understanding of your project will be more solid, and there will be less room for error.

3-Success Stories

They show how much this agency knows what it’s doing, and what results can you expect from them. See how they handled previous projects and how they achieved previous clients’ goals. It’s a guarantee in advance your project will boom.

4-Experienced Team

Add to the list meeting the agency’s team and knowing their qualifications, experience, and projects they’ve worked on. You’ll get a better idea of what will be happening in the agency’s kitchen, and how your project will be handled.

5-Employees’ Number

It might seem cheesy, but the number of people working at the agency shows how stable they are. And the stability of the agency is something you always want to aim for.


Defining ways of communication with your account manager is essential before you initiate any work. You need to be aware of how you will reach them in case of urgent tasks or edits.

7-Legal Work

Don’t neglect to check the agency’s legal papers, websites, social media presence, and landline. It’s crucial to understand how you will guarantee your rights when working with them.


Keeping all your communication with the agency professional will save you time and effort. If you document everything with the agency whether, by email or any project management platform, you’re avoiding falls and errors.


To make it as easy as it can for you to find the best fit for your project, gathers all companies that provide all the services you might need. You can easily check their portfolio, success stories, social media presence, and more. It’s a time-saver that you should try right now.

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