Finnish industries that are growing in 2022

Finland has long been regarded as a fast-growing market for the business world. Due to the fact that Scandinavia has a lot of positives for business, Finland is seen as a positive market to enter into. It’s helped to encourage companies to invest within the region as well as allowing indigenous businesses to grow at a similar rate. It’s currently one of the top places to open a business in the world. We’ve taken a close look at which industries are experiencing the best results thanks to the current economic climate within the country.

Software development

Software development has grown at a very fast rate within Finland. This is because it’s a very strong region for the computer and technology sectors. There are a lot of extremely skilled coders graduating from the colleges within the country, which means that the climate for software development is excellent. This has had a big impact on the game development industry in the country, with casino games being one area of significant growth in Finland. Part of the reason behind this is that online casinos are one of the fastest-growing markets in Scandinavia and other countries nearby, according to, a Finnish online casinos portal – new online casinos pop up on a weekly basis.

It’s led to lots of different software companies springing up in recent times that focus on casino game development. Not all of them are individual entities though. Lots of the bigger names in the casino market have seen the potential in this region and set up software houses in Finland under their own umbrellas. Companies such as Microgaming and NetEnt, which don’t have huge presences in Finland, have smaller software houses in the region developing titles for their partners.

It has helped the industry to grow at a fast rate as investment from outside the country has made it easier for high-quality Finnish coders to find jobs in Finland. This has helped the Finnish economy, as the best talent is more open to remaining in the country rather than leaving in search of jobs that are suitable for their skillsets.


The focus on computer science in Finland has managed to support a burgeoning cybersecurity sector within the country. Cybersecurity is one of the newer industries in the world, as such it’s generally a growth industry. With lots of high-quality Finnish computer scientists coming out of their colleges, this is an industry the country has been able to get in on at the ground floor.

This obviously means that as the sector grows, Finland has been one of the pioneers of what’s offered to consumers. F-Secure is one of the biggest success stories for Finland in this area. It has obviously led to many different copycats both within the country and outside of Finland. However, as the industry is still growing, it means that there is plenty of room for different companies who want to offer this service.

Despite this, Finnish companies are still some of the most sought after and have managed to keep growing at a solid rate. With high-quality computer science graduates still coming out of the system, it’s likely that Finland will be able to continue dominating in this area for the near future. A lot of the success in technology is due to the investment that the country has put into education.

Finland regularly comes near the top of the rankings for education around the world. This is now showing to have paid dividends in terms of the skills of employees that are being developed by the educational institutions within the country.

Transport manufacture

This is something that not too many people think about. However, with more focus on the technological side of transport in recent years, it makes sense that Finland has been able to become a powerhouse in this area as well. With cloud technology looking likely to be a big player in the control of self-driving cars, this is an area that Finland has been able to progress quickly in.

It’s likely that a lot of manufacturing will be moved to Finland in the future, especially if the current technological innovations the country is producing continue to be relevant. Finland has also had a hand in the development of public transport offerings. Buses, trains, and trams have also profited from innovations developed within Finland which have then been provided to the rest of the world. Even if you don’t drive a car, there’s a good chance that you will be impacted by what Finland is doing in the world right now.

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