Choosing a CRM for Sales Automation – Why HubSpot is Your Best Bet

When HubSpot first entered the tech-dominated marketing scene, it started as an automation platform focusing on sales and marketing. Since then, HubSpot has gone on to help countless businesses scale their marketing and customer relations management operations through its advanced marketing tools. This has seen HubSpot become one of the top-rated customer relations management (CRM) platforms that are rapidly helping companies advance and streamline their business operations.

And if you’re looking for reliable CRM automation software to advance your business, HubSpot is your ultimate partner. HubSpot is also for you if you’re looking for the most outstanding tech stack that can fulfill your overall business needs in the long run. In this article, we highlight why HubSpot is the ultimate CRM software for sales automation. But first, what’s CRM software?

Demystifying a CRM Software

CRM software is a platform that assists companies in automating and managing their Customer Relationship Management operations. It enables you to track all of your past, present, or future customers and how they interact with your business. These interactions may include the customers’ online activities (visit to your website), purchasing behavior, social media engagements, email communication, etc.

A CRM is also something like an Excel spreadsheet, only that it’s much easier to navigate. With a CRM, you can store customer details such as contacts and record information based on their interactions with your business. Besides helping you record and organize customer information, this software also enables you to automate your marketing activities. It can also increase customer retention campaigns, make accurate sales predictions, and support customer experience and satisfaction.

CRM software allows you to create a personalized experience for your customers while improving their buyer personas. With a CRM, your sales rep gains access to relevant information, critical for lead generation and closing leads. Finally, a CRM helps you organize your contact databases which are essential for managing your customer relations. HubSpot CRM software leads the pack of sales automation software.

The HubSpot CRM for Sales Software

HubSpot CRM for sales allows teams to automate and streamline most tasks within the sales pipeline. This includes task generation, assigning leads to various reps, as well as email exchanges with prospects. Its pricing ranges from $0-$1,200, but its email automation tools and other valuable CRM features are available on its free plan. HubSpot automation capabilities include automated notifications sent to reps and email follow-ups with leads and prospects. Below is a comprehensive list of HubSpot CRM features.

HubSpot CRM Features

HubSpot’s CRM focuses on all the customer-centric aspects of your business to help your company cultivate good relationships with your customers regardless of which role you play. Whether you’re in sales and marketing, operations, customer service, or you’re in charge of all the above, the HubSpot CRM software enables you to get the job done efficiently and effectively. The primary features of HubSpot’s CRM for sales reps include:

  • A deals dashboard that can be customized to display all your sales pipelines;
  • Tracking automation for emails, live chats, prospects, and also scheduling meetings;
  • Integration with Gmail and Outlook;
  • Customized email templates to enable you to follow up with leads;
  • Automated email notifications and insights about your company;
  • Automatic entry of customer data such as online activities and purchasing patterns;
  • An activity stream that shows notifications for delivered emails, clicks on links, downloads, etc.;
  • Extensive storage of up to one million contact and business records;
  • Ability to keep records of communications such as calls and emails;
  • Ability to assign various tasks to teams within the HubSpot CRM platform;
  • Automate and publish emails, record calls, sales notes, etc. and send them to contacts timeline to make lead follow up much more manageable;
  • Automate all tasks and save time;
  • Avoid cracks that may take prospects from one sequence to another;
  • Enroll multiple prospects in a single sequence;

HubSpot is an All-in-One Sales Software for Sales Teams

Here are additional HubSpot CRM features and capabilities your team will enjoy using.

Email Sequences

Use HubSpot CRM email sequence capabilities to keep your prospects on a tight leash to avoid losing them and dedicate more time to close more deals.

Email Templates

Use templates to make your most frequent sales emails more accessible inside your inbox and easily shareable with your team.


Use optimization for each of your documents and customize your pitch so you can see who viewed which document and how long they spent time on a specific document.


Create meeting schedules with prospects and customers. Provide links that allow leads to pick a convenient time. Links can be integrated into Office 365, HubSpot CRM, as well as Google Calendar.

Live Chats

Take advantage of your prospect’s interactions with your website and connect directly with them through live chats. Redirect chat conversations to the ideal salesperson to handle customer queries and close more deals.

Call Logging and Recording

Create a list of sales calls inside your browser, automatically log and group them into your CRM and record them at once with a single click.

Automated Sales

Get rid of the time-consuming manual duties and embrace automation in all aspects, from rotating leads to creating deals and tasks, among other responsibilities.

Automated Reporting

The HubSpot CRM provides out-of-the-box reports and dashboards that can be tailored to create high-level business metrics which can be shared with company executives. You can also customize more granular metrics specifically for your sales team.

Predict Lead Scoring Outcomes

HubSpot CRM helps you make accurate lead scoring forecasts based on past customer purchasing behavior and interactions. You can also use this data to determine the likelihood of a prospect becoming a purchasing customer and give them the most priority.

Integration with Salesforce

The ability to make multidirectional sync with other CRMs like Salesforce helps you keep records of every email, call, meeting, or task conveniently at your fingertips.

Wrapping Up

HubSpot CRM is a resourceful sales and marketing platform. If you’ve been planning to create solid customer relationship management for your business, HubSpot is the most suitable choice for its ease of use and efficiency. It’s also the ideal CRM software for small and medium-sized enterprises. Its key features are designed to help solve some of the most common challenges small and medium-sized businesses face, like limited teams and budgets.