Blockchain ecosystem enables business adoption across all industries

Blockchain can vastly alter the business landscape, improving existing processes and enabling new models for ownership and value transfer. Since the technology operates in a peer-to-peer fashion, transactions can be conducted autonomously, eliminating some of the intermediary costs typically incurred as assets move from one place to the next.

A single example of this is represented in the financial sector, where blockchain technology supports secured global money transfers with reduced complexity, fees and instantaneous results. Looking ahead to healthcare, the blockchain has also enabled the secure sharing of data for patient medical data and voting systems. 

Although this technology’s growth has been in the makings for a while now, the COVID-19 pandemic has only acted to accelerate the need for businesses to shift from the brick-and-mortar mentality to one that is more digitized.

Unfortunately, adoption is still in its early days, with many businesses yet to understand what blockchain technology is and how it can help them accomplish their goals. This challenge is mainly noted across small and medium-sized businesses, who struggle to bridge this gap with the dominance of technical-level content flooding the industry. Therefore, making the technology more accessible will come down to providing proper guidance to use cases specific to business intent.

Operating with the mission to help businesses of all sizes understand how the blockchain works is blueskyINTEL (BSI), operating under the parent company Bluesky Digital Assets Corporation (BSDA) (traded under BTCWF-OTCMARKETS  BTC-CSE).

While BSDA focuses on the team’s core crypto mining efforts, BSI exists as an organizational split focused on advanced R&D initiatives and blockchain intelligence. The project is said to hold a competitive advantage with their existing knowledge of the blockchain’s true capability to become the future for digital transactions as a whole.

Effectively, this makes blueskyINTEL a bridge for information and solutions from experts, to solution providers, all the way down to businesses. With an embedded explore solutions feature, users can learn how blueskyINTEL’s platform can help support their business journey now and long into the future.

A clear path forward 

Businesses will gain support to implement a clear path forward, starting with the basics of understanding blockchain technology, followed by exploring solutions through advanced search.

These initial features will be followed through the strategy phase, where users can see how the technology can leverage blockchain to grow their technology usage. Users may also take advantage of a matchmaking portal, where BSI connects real-world business intent with capable blockchain solution providers, further accelerating the adoption process.

The offering is said to provide business users with three key benefits, including information dedicated and tightly focused around the blockchain, connections and visibility to blockchain solution providers and experts, and lastly, a portal that can provide the answer to how businesses can be supported in their adoption of blockchain technology.

As a result, Bluesky Digital Assets Corps becomes an ecosystem for value-added technology services that extends beyond their initial success as a Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) miner.

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For the end-user, benefits are apparent in the ability to access the intelligence database. Upon learning everything blockchain-related necessary for an interested business, and be well-positioned to hit the ground running in their own project application.

Continued growth

The team has shared their success through the upcoming launch of their engagement platform, which is planned to occur in multiple stages, including a high-level introduction, focus on real-world business interest, and so forth. As the platform continues to gain support, additional elements will be added around blockchain deployment, inclusive of funding and investment support for companies wishing to continue growing.

In preparation for their launch, solution providers, experts, influencers and other interested parties are encouraged to take their rightful place on the repository. Then, following the launch, users will have the advantage of being better informed on blockchain and how it relates to the world as a whole.

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