Local Networks

Importance of Local Area Networks


Local Area Network is a network composed of the interconnection of computers spreading over a small, limited, geographic area like a building.

Importance of Local Area Networks

Local Area Network is a network composed of the interconnection of computers spreading over a small, limited, geographic area like a building. It is the most basic network arrangement with the most basic features. As the late 1900s saw the widespread adoption of computers, the increasing demand for high-speed interconnection of computer systems was realized. Time passed by and new types of networks emerged exponentially. Due to its nature, LAN has survived through major changes in how people use the internet.

Reasons as to why this happened

Reasons as to why this happened are the same reasons as to why it’s often to see companies, institutions, with individuals all together still relying on LAN for basic tasks. Local Area Network is the most secure any network could be from a technical point of view. No matter where implemented, its simplicity makes it completely easy to manage and maintain. Its security is majorly provided for by the fact that it cannot be accessed by the outside world but by only people that are part of it. Since it covers a limited region, nodes are easy to monitor. Malicious activity being the biggest threat to services provided over a network, can get noticed almost instantly and get rectified. Most institutions and companies still implement LAN for managing indoor activities due to the privacy it provides.

Resources easily share when connections are

Resources easily share when connections are made in this form. From printers, cellphones, mailing to CCTVs, Local Area Networks makes it simple for such resources to be shared among members of a network. Any member can print documents of their choice using one printer that gets used by everyone without to ever having to pass through the internet. LANs, since most of them are not part of the internet, encourage focus on workplaces. This is so because it is easy to manage what can go through it or what services are available. Statistics show that major companies include focus as a reason for making their networks private. What this means is no internet connection translates to no videos or social media or e-commerce to get distracted with.

Importance of Local Area Networks

Working time is fully optimized as a result, making workers fruitful in their roles. Another benefit of Local Area Network is that with them, it’s easy to mitigate charges from companies that provide certain services through the public internet. An example would be services that provide automatic sending of emails to contacts. Online services like these charge based on the number of contacts and features present on the mail sent using a subscription business model. The amount of money spent over some time would sum up to a lot. This same feature can be set up in LAN for zero charges making it convenient if the contacts are just colleagues. A powerful use for Local Area Networks however is as network servers.

A server is simply a computer or connected computers that provide the functionality to other computers called clients. This has to be done over the World Wide Web but where LANs come to play is in the resources that provide functionality. The “functionality” means that different computers might be needed to handle different types of requests to increase the speed of the “serving” process. This simple concept for increasing speed using Local Area Network is used in the biggest computer companies like Google. It also promotes security since exclusive features can be kept aside from normal features in an organization strategy that separates resources of a system for easier management.

Speed is also a characteristic of the Local Area Network and the networking industry in general. Because of the short distance covered, LANs with modern hardware remain the fastest networks around. The web is a busy place, making information related through it still fast but comparatively slow to LANs. A difference in speed is apparent when big data is being sent and the time taken to finish the upload/download is compared. Speeds like this are important if a firm deals with big data that has to be handled by more than one station. Time wastage will be dramatically reduced therefore increasing the amount of work to be processed within a day. Local Area Network will continue to be used in various platforms due to these specific reasons that have proved themselves important for centuries.