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The Importance of IP Addresses

The Importance of IP Addresses

An IP address is simply an identifier for your personal computers on the internet. The IP is the acronym for “Internet Protocol”, it allows your computer to send information, and receive information as well. Ip addresses can only be of four known types, they are either dynamic, public, static, or private. Without an IP address, messages cannot be received from your PC because there is no way for that PC to be identified. They allow your system to be recognizable on other systems that are connected through the IP. Because of this, your physical location can also be traced using your IP address.

There are basically just two formats

There are basically just two formats an IP address can be in, they are; the IPv4 format and the IPv6 format. An IPv4 is any IP address that consists of 32-bit binary numbers that are separated by periods. The IPv6 address format comprises 128-bit binary numbers that are separated by colons. There aren’t any significant differences between the two IP formats and both can equally be used to recognize or identify any type of machine that is connected to a network. If anybody successfully gets your IP address, they can hack into your computer to steal information and even trace your location, so it is advisable to protect your IP address.

The Importance of IP Addresses

The most common ways of protecting your IP address are by making use of “VPNs” and “Proxy Servers”. Your IP address will also change depending on the device you’re making use of. For example; when you switch from using a modem on your desktop computer to a Wi-Fi network, you are switching your IP address to that of the Wi-Fi. An IP address is dependent on the network your device is connected to, this is because your computer’s IP address isn’t actually your laptop’s address, but the address of the network it is connected to at the time.

One example of an IP address is “”, this is a common IP address usually seen on a variety of internet routers sold to people. All computers, smartphones, printers, smart TVs that connect to the internet through that router, will have their default IP addresses to be the same as the router. Just like your real home addresses and office addresses, the transfer of messages from your personal computer to other computers that are all connected to the internet through different network systems is possible. Your IP can be referred to as your PC’s unique fingerprint, and can be useful to track down your personal device if stolen, or in case of malicious activities being performed through the device.

The IP address is important for multiple reasons, without them, it is not possible to send and receive messages from your peers through the internet. They assure and protect you from outside attacks targeted at stealing private from your computers. A unique IP address will promote your creativity in the field of work you are engaged in, to open businesses, websites, blogs, it is important to have an independent IP address. As a hacker, knowledge of the IP address of the target location of the hack is essential, with this knowledge your hack attack will be directed at the required destination.