Local Networks

Where Can Local Area Network Be Used

Where Can Local Area Network Be Used

Networking has made it possible for people and devices to connect either within a close range or distance apart. Through this approach, people can relate with each other even when they are a distance apart. This is made possible through local area net network, there are different types of LAN but, the aim is to connect devices. Networking has made it easy for people to exchange data while others can utilize the LAN to set up their system. For instance, within a company, computers can be connected using the LAN set up to allow individuals within that company to exchange information.

The local area network helps connect

The local area network helps connect devices that are located with a specific area like a hospital, school and others. An organization can send and receive information without having to move from one office to another. Sending any stuff through the LAN is safe and it can be assessed on different devices meaning if a particular gadget is affected, it can still be access on several other devices. In that case, an office may be affected by a rubbery or fire accident, LAN makes it possible to access the company’s documents on different systems connected to that network. This system is appropriate for smaller office settings or business structures.

Where Can Local Area Network Be Used

There are different types of local area networks although they have similar functions to network computers that are connected within a given area. The LAN wiring is less costly compared to wider coverage that can be assessed by millions of users distant apart. A common type of LAN is the home network, this can connect gadgets like mobile phones, computers, printers, and electronic gadgets at home. It is usually limited to members of that household only through a unique password that can be used to prevent unauthorized usage.

Another type is the office network that is mostly used by companies and business organizations. It helps businesses to exchange and communicate with other offices. This type of network helps to save time and resources that would have been incurred through phone calls along with the stress of moving to different offices to send or receive business office related stuff. It makes time management more effective while allowing the business operations to be quickly carried out. The network enhances security as other staff can quickly receive instructions on what to do in case of any urgent situation.

Public network is another example which can be used by business centers like a café to serve customers. It allows customers to access any of the computers without waiting to be attended by the main system. Those with personal computers like laptops can use WI-FI to connect to their appliances. This can be possible when given a password that allows them to log in. The network is limited to that location only and nobody can access that network unless he is given access to the WI-FI password. There are other types of LAN such as storage area network, embedded systems which perform similar networking tasks but, limited to a particular location.